Discover Paris Tour Attractions at the 4-star Hotel Petit Lafayette

Between its monuments, museums, and architecture envied by the whole world, Paris is undoubtedly one of the best cities to discover on a Paris walking tour. Unusual, culturally rich, or even quirky, a tour by a Paris Tour Guide helps reveal the hidden facets of the capital. Staying at the Petit Lafayette Hotel allows guests to take advantage of these activities because of its prime location in the heart of the 9th arrondissement. At Petite Lafayette Hotel, guests will find a chic and relaxing setting situated at the crossroads of three of Paris’ four main stations.

Uncover the Top Paris Tour Attractions on an Unforgettable Paris Excursion

The 9th arrondissement of the capital is full of little treasures, some visible and others waiting to be found. Only a Paris walking tour allows guests to discover them. Guests can explore the most romantic district revealing the charms of the rue des Martyrs, the Grands Boulevards, or even the flower gardens around the Museum of Romantic Life.

The Cadet metro station is located at the base of the 4-star Petit Lafayette Hotel (less than 100 meters away). The Cadet brings guests to the top must-see attractions of the capital, such as the Louvre Museum and the Opéra Garnier. Schedule an unusual visit to Paris Montmartre with the Sacred Heart Paris perched atop the famous hill. The Paris Montmartre and Sacred Heart Paris offer stunning views of the capital. Guests can discover the places that have inspired scenes in films and cartoons for a magical experience.

A Guided Excursion Through Paris Tour Attractions Between Gare Saint-Lazare, Gare du Nord, and Gare de l’Est

The Petit Lafayette Hotel is close to the Gare du Nord, Gare de l’Est, and Saint-Lazare stations. This proximity creates the ideal location to travel all of Paris and even the surrounding regions. Each Paris tour guide can adapt the event to fit the tour group’s interests and desired duration. Tours can be attended by individuals or larger groups with guests of all ages. These Paris tour attractions can revolve around their favorite cartoon or video game heroes for younger guests. This adaptability offers an opportunity for children to enjoy an educational experience and have fun simultaneously.

A Gateway to the World With Paris Tour Attractions in English

Every guided Paris tour is led by a passionate guide who will bring guests to unforgettable locations while entrancing them with stories of the area. Currently, it is possible to enjoy a guided tour in English, German, Spanish, or an array of languages at popular attractions like a visit to Montmartre. This flexibility allows for Paris tour attractions to be visited by everyone, not just France locals. Ask the Petit Lafayette Hotel’s frontdesk service for excursion availability and scheduling of tours in guests’ desired language.

The reception staff is trained to speak several languages making communication easy between guests and staff for a pleasant experience. Guests can reserve a table, an activity, or a taxi in English and Spanish. Additionally, an online kiosk is available for French and international news allowing guests to stay updated on world affairs. This digital press is complimentary for any hotel guest.

Discover Paris through a guided tour in all seasons. A visit to Montmartre, a romantic stroll through the quiet streets of New Athens, lively energy around Pigalle – no matter where guests take a guided tour, they’ll have the opportunity to uncover the capital as they've never seen it before. Guests can contact the Petit Lafayette Hotel staff to find out about the schedules and itineraries of the many guided tours available in the magical city of Paris.

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